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Single-Sign-On Integration

Single-Sign-On Enterprise Integration

YuJa’s Enterprise Video Platform integrates into your existing SSO systems to ensure a seamless video experience.

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Enterprise Video Platform

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Single-Sign-On Integration

We Integrate with Your SSO Providers for Simplified Authentication

Take advantage of your central SSO provider to enable simplified user administration and authentication. YuJa integrates with all major SSOs including CAS, Shibboleth, OpenID, PingFederate, LDAP, Active Directory, and more.

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ArtCenter College of Design campus building.
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ArtCenter College of Design

YuJa’s multi-camera recording and video player have been critical to a successful online program. Because art and design often require three-dimensional visuals, the ability to record from a number of angles was a big draw for ArtCenter.

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Implementation Services

Single-Sign-On Implementation is Included

Enterprise-grade licenses include Single-Sign-On integration support as part of our implementation services. Our Professional Services team also advises Organizations on how to fully integrate their Single-Sign-On system with the Video Platform.

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LMS Integration

Cross Integration with Your LMS

Enable simultaneous seamless integration with both your SSO and LMS systems. This enables seamless access both within and outside of your LMS.

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Enterprise Security

We Offer Enterprise-Class Security Infrastructure

YuJa is a SOC2-certified organization with extensively monitored infrastructure and investments to ensure a secure, end-to-end experience. Our Single-Sign-On Enterprise Connectors utilize TLS 1.2 protocols at 256-bit key strength in conjunction with your chosen SSO.

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El Paso Community College

“YuJa has been an amazing partner. It’s not just that the technology is great, but the people I’ve worked with at YuJa have been so nice, responsive, attentive, and willing to assist if we have questions.”

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Automatic Login

Reduce Frequent SSO Sign-In Requests

Keep logging in to a minimum with automatic login for SSO. Users who log in to the YuJa Video Platform app using their SSO credentials will automatically be signed in for a set amount of days specified by their institution before they have to sign in again.

To learn more about our Enterprise Video Platform’s LMS and SSO Integration, call us at 1-888-257-2278

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