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Live Online Proctoring

Monitor Online Tests in Real-Time With YuJa Verity

YuJa Verity enables institutions to monitor student test sessions in real-time to prevent cheating, unauthorized assistance, or other academic misconduct. Live proctoring combines with a browser lockdown app, management tools, and AI-based reports for a comprehensive online testing solution.

YuJa Verity Live Proctoring Dashboard with active and upcoming sessions shown on screen.

Live Online Proctoring Solutions Trusted By Leading Organizations

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Live Online Proctoring

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Unlimited Live Proctoring

One Platform, Unlimited Sessions

YuJa Verity offers a flat-rate pricing model, eliminating per-seat charges. Verity provides a unified, all-inclusive live testing platform with unlimited test sessions to meet your institution’s testing needs. Live proctoring can be switched on or off for each test, enabling the instructor to decide the appropriate level of security for each test.

Live proctoring session with six participants shown on screen.

Unlimited Sessions

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 Image shows the human-proctored session proctor assignment page.
Image shows confirmed proctors for upcoming sessions.

More Control

With YuJa Verity, You’re in Control

With YuJa Verity, institutions have the flexibility to designate their own proctors, granting them full control over the sessions and the proctors responsible for test monitoring.

More Control

Image shows a browser with YuJa Verity open and a shield in the top left corner.

Lockdown App

Live Proctoring Works Seamlessly With YuJa Verity’s Lockdown App

YuJa Verity’s Lockdown App works seamlessly with YuJa Verity Live Proctoring to ensure a secure and controlled testing experience. The application-based testing environment grants the freedom and flexibility to more deeply monitor the activity of students within a browser to prevent students from viewing other applications on their device. The lockdown app also enforces strict measures to thwart common methods of bypassing proctor settings.

Lockdown App

Proctoring Dashboard

View Everything in Once Place in the Live Proctoring Dashboard

With Verity Live, test proctors can choose from a variety of viewing options, including the gallery, with multiple live cameras, screen view to see all proctored student’s screens, or opt to focus on a single student with a specialized full-screen view.


YuJa Verity Live Proctoring Chat box is shown with a message from the proctor.

Live Chat

Built-In Text Chat During Tests

Proctors and students can communicate with one another during live tests with Verity’s integrated chat feature. Proctors can convey critical information and students can get real time support if they encounter issues during their test.

Live Chat

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