Video Test Proctoring

Video Test Proctoring

Secure video exam proctoring tools along with live and post-test human review ensures that YuJa can be a one-stop-shop for all your organization’s video workflows.

Video Test Proctoring Solutions Trusted By Leading Organizations

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Secure video test proctoring tools

Deploy Exam Proctoring Tools in Minutes

Deploy a remote exam proctoring solution in minutes with our video-based solution for both Mac and PC platforms. Our video exam proctoring can include optional live and post-test human review to ensure that YuJa can be a one-stop-shop for all your organization’s video workflows.

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Secure Video Test Proctoring Tools

Our test proctoring capabilities enables users to initiate controlled recordings during active test taking, requires acceptance of configurable Terms and Conditions, captures imagery of government-issued photo ID, and records all available sources during test activity. We offer options for both live and non-live human review of proctored tests.

End-to-End Video Recording
Government ID Capture
Online Proctoring
Auto and Live Proctor
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Industry Solutions

Universities and Colleges

We offer universities and colleges a reliable and proven video proctoring across multiple video sources and screens.

Assessment Providers

Firms deploying standardized testing environments can now mass-deploy a video proctoring solution to all test workstations.

Online Programs

Create a safe and secure online testing environment to ensure the integrity of your institution’s test-taking outcomes.

Training & Certification

Deliver corporate training and certification programs in a rigorous and compliant manner.

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