Website Scanning

WCAG 2.1-Aligned Website Scanning and Reporting

Scan and see page-level accessibility reports across your institution’s entire domain with YuJa Panorama’s WCAG 2.1-aligned website scanning and reporting.

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Website Scanning

Our Panorama Product Tools

Website Accessibility Tool Real-Time Suggestions LMS Integration Accessibility Analytics Accessible Repository
Web page with sections of content outlined and percentages to demonstrate the accessibility score.

Content Analysis

Systematically Analyze and Extract Accessibility Issues

Gain a deep understanding of your digital accessibility with a domain-level website traversal that scans the pages on your website, follows links, analyzes information and extracts relevant data to identify patterns and reveal accessibility issues within your website’s pages.

Scans Pages

Follows Links

Analyzes Data

Identifies Patterns

Highlights Issues

Consolidates Tools

Content Analysis
A YuJa Panorama Website Accessibility report showing URLs.

User Friendly

Quickly See and Prioritize Website Accessibility Issues

Administrators can view all website accessibility enabled pages with low accessibility scores in a dedicated table to quickly identify pages with issues that could hinder student learning or compromise your institution’s commitment to website accessibility.

Course Report

University of Notre Dame campus aerial view.
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University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame, the nation’s leading Catholic research university, recently deployed YuJa Panorama Digital Accessibility Platform to help deliver on its commitment to create course materials that are accessible to students of all backgrounds and abilities and to make the learning environment inclusive for all.

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case study

A report showing accessibility adjustments over time.


Comprehensive Reports Inform Executive Decision Making and Strategy

Content creators receive intuitive feedback and best practices for remediating accessibility concerns on their webpages. Administrators can stay informed of and track accessibility throughout the entire institution with meaningful reports that highlight overall accessibility scores, scores over time, alternative versions, and page-specific analytics.


Three paths demonstrate a convergence and consolidation of tools to a single platform.


Consolidate Your Accessibility Tools With an All-in-One Solution

YuJa Panorama eliminates the need to purchase separate website scanning tools. Simplify operations, reduce costs, improve efficiency and improve accessibility with a single comprehensive website scanning and digital accessibility tool.


To learn more about YuJa Panorama, call us at 1-888-257-2278.

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