Accessibility in Real Time

Create Accessible Content with Real-Time Suggestions

Compatible with all major LMSs, Panorama Real-Time Suggestions enables course creators to fix accessibility issues on the spot right inside the LMS.

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Panorama Accessibility Platform

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Automatic Suggestions

Improve Media Accessibility in Real-Time

YuJa Panorama’s Real-Time Suggestion capability automatically provides options for accessibility improvements and prompts instructors to fix issues as they’re creating course content. Creators are alerted if content has incorrect font sizes, color contrast issues, missing alternative or descriptive text, and more.

Suggestion on how to fix a webpage alt text issue.
Pop up with dropdowns of the list of issues temperatures, minor, major, and severe.

Quickly Fix Accessibility Issues

Issues are Flagged by Severity

If an accessibility issue is detected within content, it will be flagged as Minor, Major, or Severe, based on flag levels set up by instructors. Instructors are then provided with appropriate solutions to resolve the issue so all learners can access the information.

Pamlico Community College case studies.
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Pamlico Community College

Using YuJa Panorama, Pamlico Community College has scanned more than 11,000 files. In addition, over 1,000 alternative formats have been downloaded. In the first quarter of 2023, the institution increased its overall accessibility by 6% over the previous quarter.

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Suggestion on how to fix a webpage with font size issues.
Font size options to fix a webpage issue.

Font Improvements

Update Fonts When Readability Issues Are Detected

Not only does Panorama check font size, but it provides recommendations if a readability issue is detected and enables instructors to update font sizes with the click of a button.

Color Contrast Suggestions

Detect and Resolve WCAG Color Contrast Issues

Content creators can quickly resolve color contrast issues by selecting complementary text and background colors from the provided recommendations. YuJa Panorama meets WCAG 2.1 standards.

A pop-up for an issue with contrast on a webpage.
Pop-up of color options to fix a webpage with contrast issues.
YuJa To Do list screenshot.

To-Do List

Create a To-Do List of Documents to Improve

Efficiently manage the list of documents to review and enhance the accessibility of by creating a convenient to-do list. Documents can then be updated within the to-do list or within the original documents.

Key Real-Time Features

Check and Resolve Common Accessibility Issues

Checks and suggests font size

Resolve color contrast issues

Scan for alternative text on images

Check links for descriptions

Scan YouTube Videos for Caption Files.

Caption Detection

Scan YouTube Videos for Caption Files

When an instructor adds a YouTube video to their course, YuJa Panorama will scan the video to see if captions are provided. If captions are missing, Panorama will prompt instructors to add captions and rescan to ensure accessibility. This removes barriers for instructors who find helpful course materials online, but who need to ensure instructional videos are accessible to students.

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