Analytics and Reporting

Comprehensive Accessibility Analytics and Reporting

YuJa Panorama provides an advanced analytics and reporting dashboard that can inform decisions and show an institution’s accessibility journey over time.

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Panorama Accessibility Platform

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Content Report Graph processed by Panorama.

Content Report

Get In-Depth Insights Into How Content is Being Used

YuJa Panorama provides an advanced analytics and Content Report dashboard that can inform decisions and encourage the creation of accessible content. Administrators and instructors can quickly see the accessibility of their courses and how accessibility has changed over time, how students are interacting with content, and identify gaps in their accessibility journey.

Course Report screen in Panorama.

Course Report

Measure the Accessibility of Content Within Courses

In the course report, instructors can view an overall course accessibility score as well as file-by-file accessibility scores and track progress over time. Files with low accessibility scores can be quickly replaced with new versions.

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Pamlico Community College

Using YuJa Panorama, Pamlico Community College has scanned more than 11,000 files. In addition, over 1,000 alternative formats have been downloaded. In the first quarter of 2023, the institution increased its overall accessibility by 6% over the previous quarter.

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Institution Report on Panorama screen.

Institution Report

Identify Macro Accessibility Trends Across Your Institution

Administrators can get a snapshot of the institution’s courses, including data on which courses are most and least accessible, monthly and term-over-term comparisons, and overall accessibility issues, as well as track their accessibility journey over time.

Issues report for a Panorama screen.

Issues report

Analyze Top Accessibility Issues

The issues report shows Administrators the most common accessibility issues across the institution. View the average number of issues per document, total issues by severity, and download reports to help prioritize and address accessibility concerns.

A document's accessibility score with the calculation breakdown showing.

Calculation Breakdown

Detailed View of How Accessibility Scores Are Calculated

Administrators and instructors can gain transparency into how their accessibility scores are calculated based on tests performed and issues identified. These insights allow instructors to see how issues affect their overall score, prioritize action to enhance accessibility, and more with a detailed breakdown of their score.

Issues settings for a Panorama screen.

Accessibility Scores Calculation

Selection of Scoring Rubrics to Define How an Institution’s Accessibility Scores Are Calculated

Considering an institution’s unique accessibility requirements, they have the option to choose from various scoring rubrics that will be applied across their Panorama instance. These scoring rubrics will determine the accessibility scores of documents based on a strict set of criteria. To know how each rubric aligns with the types of documents an institution might have, administrators can review different scenarios to determine which rubric best suits them.

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