YuJa offers cloud-based solutions for classroom technology integration. With a cloud-powered platform, course replays, live broadcasts and other course materials are universally accessible to your students, whether you opted to produce lecture captures with the YuJa software or using the YuJa appliance as part of your classroom technology. Your YuJa resources, including your captured lectures, course notes, and video podcasts, are accessible to students via their home computers or mobile devices.

Additionally, the resources of YuJa are available to all faculty, even when away from the classroom or office. While the YuJa appliance offers more sophisticated tools for complete lecture capture and room capture, you can also capture a lecture with nothing more than the webcam and microphone on your laptop (or podium computer). Since lectures can be viewed at any time, you can, if you would like, film your lectures ahead of time to work on your schedule or accommodate missed classes.