Website Accessibility

Website Readability and Inclusive Viewing Widget

Panorama’s Website Inclusive Viewing Widget enables institutions to improve digital inclusion and accessibility across your entire website footprint. With a toggle of a switch, users can control the UI, design and readability of websites.

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Website Accessibility

Panorama Accessibility Platform

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Easy Integration

Install the Widget On Your Website In 5 Minutes

Setting up YuJa Panorama’s Website Accessibility Widget for the first time is quick and easy.

Add the script to your institution’s website.

Set the position of the icon on your website.

Panorama will display profiles and adjustments.

Linked documents will be scanned for Alternative Formats.

Download Alternative Formats and save your profile.

Easy Integration

Accessibility Interface

A Fully-Customizable Website Interface

Motor Impaired icons. Motor Impaired
Dyslexia icon. Dyslexia
Cognitive and Learning icon. Cognitive and Learning
Color Blind icon. Color Blind
Visually impaired icon. Visually impaired
Seizure and Epileptic icon. Seizure and Epileptic

This profile pauses animations for the motor impaired so users can interact with elements on the webpage.

Pop-up of accessibility profile options.

Helps users with Dyslexia read and focus by making fonts more readable and pausing animations.

Pop-up of dyslexia accessibility profile options.

This profile helps users focus on essential elements of a website more easily by outlining important elements like titles and links, adding a reading guide, and adjusting font sizing.

Pop-up of cognitive learning accessibility profile options.

The color palette changes, adjusting contrast and saturation to assist those with color blindness or color deficiencies.

pop-up of color blind accessibility profile options.

Website visuals are enhanced to improve accessibility to those with a variety of visual impairments, from cataracts to Glaucoma and others.

Pop-up of visually impaired accessibility profile options.

Those with ADHD and the neurodiverse can automatically remove distractions to help them browse, read, and focus.

pop-up of adhd accessibility profile options.

Users sensitive to flashing lights can eliminate blinking and flashing visuals from websites.

Pop-up of seizyre epileptic accessibility profile options.

Automated Profiles

Content Adjustments

Individual Selections Give Users Control

In addition to users having the ability to select a profile that automatically enhances their web experience, students and staff can fine tune how content appears to them, from spacing to alignment and font. Users can even hide images, pause animations, apply a reading mask or toggle on a reading guide independently of the profile they select.

Content Adjustments

Delgado Community College campus.
Delgado Community College logo.

Delgado Community College

Accessibility has always been an important goal in course design at Delgado Community College. That’s one of the reasons the institution signed a five-year contract for site-wide deployment of YuJa Panorama for Digital Accessibility, an innovative tool to help make learning more inclusive for all students.

Read the case study

case study

Color Adjustments

Users Can Adjust Colors With A Single Click

Colors need contrast for web accessibility. To help those with low contrast sensitivity or those who cannot distinguish between certain colors, YuJa Panorama enables users to manually adjust elements like contrast, saturation, text colors, background colors and more. Users can also create a unique profile and save it for future use on all web pages they visit.

Screen shot of Color Adjustment options.

Color Adjustments

Access Alternative Formats

Files Automatically Generate in Alternative Formats

Website Accessibility automatically scans for documents and generates accessible alternatives. Users can set their language and generate alternative formats to files, from high contrast, to text-to-speech, EPUB, Braille, and more. YuJa Panorama supports doc, docx, ppt, pptx, html, and pdf files.

A screen showing two different contrast options.
pop-up of the general controls for contrast.

Access Alternative Formats

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