Domain Accessibility

Scan Documents Within Your Web Domain for 360-Degree Accessibility

Expand accessibility across your institution’s digital footprint with automatic scanning of linked pages, PDF and other embedded documents available on your web domain.

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Domain Accessibility

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Three-Phase Approach to Improving Accessibility

YuJa Panorama’s document scanning tool identifies embedded links and documents on your institution’s website and domain, analyzes, and then provides accessible alternatives for each document.

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Scan Linked Pages
Review Embedded Documents
Analyze Data
Identify Patterns
Highlight Issues
Deep Domain Traversal


Bolster WCAG Compliance for Presentations, Case Studies and Brochures

Compliance shouldn’t be limited to your web pages. With YuJa Panorama, administrators can scan and see accessibility reports for linked pages and documents across their domain to help adhere to WCAG 2.1 compliance standards for all media.

Columbia College
Columbia College

Columbia College Deploys YuJa Video Platform and Panorama Digital Accessibility Platform

South Carolina-based Columbia College is enhancing teaching and learning and boosting digital accessibility campuswide with its adoption of the YuJa Enterprise Video and YuJa Panorama Digital Accessibility platforms.

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case study
Scanning module on the document scanning page.


Automatically Scan and Inspect Your Domain’s Embedded Documents for Accessibility

Build awareness of your digital accessibility landscape with a domain-level website traversal that scans embedded documents and linked pages and allows administrators and instructors to see accessibility scores for media beyond the html report. Administrators can process accessible alternatives so all learners can view and use embedded media.


User Friendly

Scan Linked Pages and Web Documents Directly from Your Dashboard

To scan a website, administrators designate an entrypoint URL and what they’d like to include in the scan. A dashboard will show the date of scan, domain, entrypoint, what the scan included, and scan status, so they can monitor the progress at a glance.

Add Domains
Scan Websites
Monitor Status
View Scan Results
Domain Level Traversal
Gain Insights
User Friendly

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Panorama Website Accessibility scan status module.


See a High-Level Summary of Embedded Documents Across Your Institution’s Domain

Administrators and instructors can review a list of embedded documents to see accessibility scores and replace documents that don’t meet institutional guidelines.

View Overall Scores
See Trends Over Time
Process Alternative Formats
See Document and Linked Page
Filter by Domain
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Case Study: Why One of the US’s Leading Regional Universities, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Made the Switch to the YuJa Panorama Digital Accessibility Platform

Case Study: Why One of the US’s Leading Regional Universities, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Made the Switch to the YuJa Panorama Digital Accessibility Platform
They were using another accessibility tool, but “I didn’t feel like it was serving all the needs we needed to have served, and I didn’t feel like their tech support was where it needed to...

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