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Video Chaptering

Auto Generate Video Chapters Using Generative AI Tools

Automatically segment your video content into logical chapters and enable viewers to quickly find information they need.

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Video Chaptering

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Pop up of zoomed section of video chapters.

Enhance Navigation

Segment Video Content by Key Moments of Impact

With the use of Generative AI capabilities, viewers can skim and jump to key moments of impact within a video or audio recording, skip to what they missed, rewatch sections, and more, improving navigation and overall ease of use.

Improve Navigation

Increase Accessibility

Personalize Learning

Save Time

Foster Engagement

Boost Comprehension

Enhance Navigation

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Anglia Ruskin University

“We went to tender and went through all the processes, and YuJa came out on top.”

Jason Williams Digital Media Specialist

Case Study

A video plays with chapters and related media underneath.

Save Time

Reduce the Time it Takes to Publish Videos With AI

Manual Video Chaptering can be time consuming and labor-intensive. Generative AI automates the process, removing the burden from instructors and saving them valuable time.

Save Time

AI Video Chapters

Enhance Learning With Intelligent Video Chapters

Improve student engagement and comprehension with AI-powered video chapters that segment content into clear, digestible sections. This format makes it easy for students to navigate videos, takes notes, and review key information, driving knowledge retention and academic success.

Personalized Learning

Self-Directed Learning

Contextualize Video Content Using AI

Provide students with well-structured, contextualized video chapters to create a better user experience. Video chapters give students a table of contents for easy navigation and support self-directed learning.

Automatically Segment Video Chapters

Categorize Videos and Chapters Based on Content

Quickly Identify Outdated Content

Share Relevant Video Chapters

Ease Video Management

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