Human Captioning

Professional Human Captioning

Ensure compliance with government, regulatory and industry accessibility regulations such as ADA/508 standards with 99%+ accurate captioning.

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ADA-Compliant Captioning Service

Captioning Service

Affordable, ADA-Compliant Captioning Service

YuJa Pro Captioning complements our existing human-based, third-party captioning integrations to offer competitively priced human-based captioning. The integrated service provides near 100% accurate captions, and transcripts to maximize content engagement and accessibility.

Compliant Captions
Accompanying Transcripts
99+% Accuracy
Unified Accessibility Dashboard to Track Video Caption Requests

Unified Accessibility Dashboard

Unified Accessibility Dashboard to Track Video Caption Requests

To manage simultaneous caption requests across potentially thousands of videos, we provide both a video-level Accessibility View, as well as a unified Accessibility Dashboard to track the real-time status of organization-wide captioning requests.

Trent University
Trent University

Trent University

To reduce costs and continue to provide a robust, scalable solution, Trent University’s Learning Technologies Team compared several video platform solutions to their video platform solution at the time.

YuJa provided a lecture capture solution, software stations within classrooms and flippedclassroom-style recording. YuJa was also able to meet data sovereignty requirements by storing data in an AWS data center within Canada.

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Benefits of Human Captioning

YuJa’s captioning is integrated into all lecture capture technologies, including hardware capture, software capture and in-browser capture solutions. Captions appear within all media players including web, mobile, and tablet applications.


Provide viewers with the ability to search for keywords inside video.


Improve knowledge retention and comprehension on an individualized basis.


Assist hearing impaired and deaf users in reviewing video content.


Enable all viewers to receive additional support when reviewing video presentations.

Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 Standards

Compliance with Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 Standards

YuJa Pro Captioning helps you ensure comply with the standard accessibility regulations. Simplify Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 compliance with integrated, professional human captioning.

To learn more about our Enterprise Video Platform’s Human Captioning Capabilities, call us at 1-888-257-2278

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Automated, Third-Party Human Captioning Integration

Third-Party Integration

Automated, Third-Party Human Captioning Integrations

The Video Platform integrates with third-party human captioning services for both automated and manual workflows. YuJa Pro Captioning currently integrates with 3Play Media, AST CaptionSync, Verb.It and Rev.

Automated & Manual Workflows
Track Caption Requests
Automatic Word Cloud Topic Generation

Word Cloud

Automatic Word Cloud Topic Generation

The YuJa Word Cloud provides an easy overview of key terms and content in media. Artificial intelligence and customized algorithms automatically generate Word Clouds that describe the media visually, transcripts, related videos, and meta tags.

Key Topics
Meta Tags
Related Content

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