Search Inside Video

YuJa creates multi-faceted meta-layers which enable deep search-inside-video and search-inside-library. Find specific concepts within the audio, slides, indexes, comments, and notes instantaneously.

  • Deep video search at the video and library level
  • Automatic metadata generation enables high-quality search
  • Innovative knowledge search management tools
Search Inside Video

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Unique Visual Search Technology for Full Video Library Search

Full Video Library Search

Unique Visual Search Technology for Full Video Library Search

Users can also utilize our Google-like search to quickly search the entire library efficiently without having to learn complex search queries or commands.

Automatic Indexing
Search in Slides, Audio, and Notes
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Search Inside Video Solutions Trusted By Leading Organizations

Search Inside Video Solutions Trusted By Leading Organizations
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Concordia University
Concordia University

Concordia University

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform provides Concordia University with an ideal solution that integrates with the college’s existing Moodle learning management system (LMS) to support campus-wide educational initiatives centered on video. Procurement of the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform also provides classroom and conference capture solutions along with video content management, lecture capture, and live streaming.


Powerful Search-Inside-Video Technology

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform offers an HTML5 Media Player with integrated video search capabilities. When playing a video, YuJa’s deep search-inside-video leverages the Video Platform’s unique IntuitiveSearch technology that enables full search in the voice (auto-captioning), slides, notes, bookmarks and instructor index.

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Advanced Search

Automatically Generated Metadata Enables Advanced Search

Your search quality is only as good as the available metadata. As a result, the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to categorize all your media based on:

  • Spoken Word
  • Slide Content (on-screen text)
  • Tags
  • In-Video Comments
  • Indexes and Table of Contents
  • Notes and Bookmarks

How it works

How YuJa’s Video Search Works

The ability to search inside your lecture captures is automatically created within the YuJa Cloud and works in tandem with our auto-transcription, third-party transcription, and optical character recognition workflows.

  1. Record and upload

    Your recording completes and automatically uploads to the YuJa Cloud for transcoding, post-processing, and multi-device publishing.

  2. Auto-Captioning

    YuJa’s auto-captioning processes your audio into a metadata search layer for both improved Section 508 compliance and search capabilities.

  3. Text-based Captions

    Using the text-based captions and associated metadata, the media is indexed for searching. Any word said in the lecture is searchable.

  4. Publish

    Your media content can be published to Media Channels which are easily accessible by students and instructors on LMS, mobile, and tablet platforms.

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