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D2L Brightspace

Lecture Capture & Video CMS For D2L Brightspace

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform is the leading video solution for the D2L Brightspace Learning Management System.

Our Video-For-D2L-Brightspace Solutions Trusted By Leading Organizations

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D2L Brightspace

Video Platform for D2L

Lecture Capture & Video CMS Integrated into D2L Brightspace

Bring lecture capture capabilities and video content management to your D2l Brightspace users by integrating D2L Brightspace with the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform.

Screenshot of YuJa integrated in D2L Brightspace LMS.

Video Platform for D2L

All-In-One Video Platform

All-In-One Video Platform for D2L Brightspace


Host your video and digital media content securely

Drag-and-Drop Simplicity

Upload content effortlessly with one-click “drop” uploads

Enterprise Streaming

Deliver video globally across firewalls with adaptive bitrate streaming

Mobile and Tablet Ready

We provide both native and HTML5 video player support

Visual Analytics

Track user engagement with detailed analytics capabilities

Brand Customization

Align the experience to match your organization’s brand


Built-in automatic captioning and one-click access to 3rd-party captioning services

Video Quizzes

Create engaging and interactive video quizzes to measure and track retention

All-In-One Video Platform
Community College of Denver Confluence Building.
Colorado Community College System logo.

Representative D2L Brightspace Client

In efforts to improve student learning outcome across the Colorado Community College System (CCCS), Jennifer Ferguson and her team sought to procure an enterprise video product that provides solutions for a variety of use cases – such as a Video Content Management System (CMS) to oversee video training channels for faculty and staff.

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Case Study

Screenshot of Media Chooser in D2L Brightspace.

D2L Insert Stuff Integration

Integrating the Media Chooser in D2L Brightspace

The Media Chooser makes all appropriate media content available to your users. The content owners can embed content directly into any course. Content is fully searchable – including tags, slide contents, and captioning.

D2L Insert Stuff Integration

Screenshot of Gradebook Integration dialog.

Deep Gradebook Integration

Gradebook Integration with D2L Brightspace

The Video Platform’s Quizzes suite includes both an LTI Gradebook and native LMS-specific integration that is compatible with all major Learning Management Systems, including D2L Brightspace.

Deep Gradebook Integration

Video Search

Search the Video CMS Through D2L Brightspace

Our unique Visual Search capabilities means D2L Brightspace users can search-inside videos for specific topics within the captions, slides, tags, notes and captions.

Searching the Video CMS

Screenshot of Media Chooser in D2L Brightspace.

Viewing Video

Embed Video within D2L Brightspace Modules, Assignments and Content Areas

When your D2L Brightspace users are watching content, the LTI-based integration and the HTML5 Media Player mean there is no need for users to leave D2L Brightspace to access course video content.

Viewing Video

Benefits of Integrating Video With D2L Brightspace

YuJa enables instructors to embed video into course content directly in D2L Brightspace, making it easier than ever to integrate and manage video content.

Align Videos with D2L Brightspace Courses, Modules and More

YuJa Media Chooser in D2L Brightspace allows instructors to seamlessly embed video in courses, quizzes and other instructional material.

Integrate YuJa Video Quizzes With D2L Brightspace Gradebook

YuJa’s video quizzing capabilities directly integrate into the D2L Brightspace course’s Grace Center for gradebook integration. This makes it simple for instructors to get insightful real-time feedback and outcome analytics.

Create Video Assignments

Instructors can request students submit a video as part of an assignment. Using the Media Chooser, students can embed a video submission so it appears directly in the LMS, making it convenient for instructors to view and grade.

Effortlessly Stream Video Embedded in D2L Brightspace

With the HTML5 Media Player, users can access course video content from directly within the D2L Brightspace interface.

Search Video Content Within D2L Brightspace

Deep Visual Search capabilities enable search-inside-video for keywords in everything from captions to slides, tags, notes and captions.


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Why YuJa

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform offers deep integration into the D2L Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS) by providing fully-integrated lecture capture, flipped classroom tools, video management and streaming, video quizzing and more.

Why YuJa
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