Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management (DAM) enables organizations to you get more value from your digital assets such as documents, images and videos by making them easy to organize, discovery and distribute.

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Upload Virtually Anything with Simple Drag-and-Drop

Our SaaS-based platform stores not only video and audio assets but the full spectrum of digital assets such as images, documents, binary files, and more.

Upload Any Digital Assets
Organize and Categorize
Deep Media Searching
Easy access and more choice
Accelerated file delivery
Unified media management

Supercharge your digital content lifecycle

Our enterprise-grade network architecture provides cross-device access to leverage and extend the use of your existing digital assets. We can also integrate via APIs with third-party ingestion and workflow management software.


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Distribution Backbone

With data center availability around the world, our global infrastructure allows us to scale up and dynamically adjust to changing usage and traffic patterns. This ensures all members of your enterprise have access to digital content wherever they go and on any device.

Global Distribution
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Aggregating and organizing Digital Assets

Our cross-device, SaaS-based Digital Asset Management solutions help enterprises maximize their digital assets by providing comprehensive solutions to securely store, organize, and access media.

Secure and redundant cloud storage for media.


Cost-effective for enterprises to deploy and scale.



Secure, enabling stable, long-term storage of digital media materials.



Accessible from any Internet-connected device.


Keep Ownership of Your Enterprise’s Copyrighted Content

The YuJa Cloud offers safe, secure, and accessible media storage of all your enteprise’s media content. With our media content management system, you can collect, organize, and access your media data anywhere and anytime. Our management system incorporates your captures, media uploads, and media from other sources in one place.

1Create custom channels

Create custom channels in YuJa to allow access to only those who need to see your media.

2Defined user levels

Set defined user levels to allow access to some, but not all material.

3Track media usage

Use analytics to track media usage, including who is watching your media content.

4Set licensing parameters

Set licensing parameters, from maintaining full copyright to allowing Creative Commons licensing.