Media Repository

Enterprise Accessibility Cloud Media Repository

YuJa Panorama provides a centralized, Cloud-based digital accessibility media repository to help instructors and departments organize content and see accessibility scoring in one place.

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Media Repository

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Manage Content

Instructors Can Manage Accessibility with a Purpose-Built Repository

YuJa Panorama provides a My Content section, a digital, Cloud-based storage space for instructors to see accessibility scoring, make changes to media files, and pre-generate Accessible Alternatives. Once the file meets accessibility guidelines, instructors can upload the improved file to their course, ensuring accessibility from the start.

Content Report

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Reserve Desk

Distribute Library and Reserve Desk Content in an Accessible Manner

YuJa Panorama’s content repository enables institutions to manage digital reserves at the library and reserve desk in a centralized location and provide resources to students in an accessible way based on their individual needs.

Reserve Desk

River Parishes campus building.
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YuJa Panorama Has Proved to be an Invaluable Accessibility Tool at River Parishes Community College

YuJa Panorama provides a centralized location with reporting for all content, which has been helpful for instructors. “I don’t want to say it’s magic, but it really does help that our faculty can look in one location to see what their course looks like, issues, and not only that, how to remedy issues. Then, you can remedy most of those issues in the same place,” McCrary said.

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Student Space

Provide Students with Their Own Space to Manage Digital Content

Empower students to self-manage their digital content with a private repository for digital content. Students can upload media, create folders, and generate accessible alternatives in their own personal space, expanding accessibility to any resource they need.

Student Space

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