Accessible PDFs

AI-Powered PDF Accessibility Add-On for Structural Remediation

YuJa’s PDF Remediation Max Platform is a new class of PDF remediation engine that enables users to address complex accessibility issues.

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Accessible PDFs

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WCAG 2.1 Aligned

Align PDFs to WCAG 2.1 Accessibility Standards

Use the power of AI to bring your PDF accessibility workflow up to WCAG 2.1 standards. The PDF Remediation Max Platform helps creators address accessibility issues directly within the LMS, including contrast, font size adjustments, adding alternative text to images, and more.


Font Size

Alt Text

Untagged PDF

Missing Titles

Scanned Document Issues

WCAG Version 2.1 logo with a checkmark in the top right corner.

WCAG 2.1 Aligned

Structural remediation within the YuJa Panorama PDF Remediation Max Platform.

Structural Remediation

Add Logical Structure to PDF Documents

Logical structure supports the accessibility of documents to users with disabilities With the PDF Remediation Max Engine, users can organize a PDF document’s structure with chapters, headings, paragraphs and sections of special elements like figures, tables, and footnotes.

Structural Remediation

South Louisiana Community College logo.

South Louisiana Community College

Dr. Maia Smith, Associate Director of E-Learning at South Louisiana Community College, discusses how YuJa Panorama has made life easier.

case study

PDF structural remediation screen with the reading order panel open.

Tagged PDFs

Build on Accessibility with Tagged PDFs

A tagged PDF includes additional information about your document that helps make it more accessible for those who use assistive technology. Add semantic meaning to content to help technology interpret and present information in the way it’s meant to be presented.

Tagged PDFs

LMS Agnostic

The PDF Remediation Max Platform is System Agnostic

The PDF Remediation Max Platform was designed for use in higher education institutions and works with all major LMS platforms or as a standalone solution. Accessibility issues can be corrected directly within the LMS or within the Remediation Max Platform to help provide meaningful and accessible representation of PDF content.

Logos - Canvas, Blackboard, D2L Brightspace, Moodle.

LMS Agnostic


PDF Remediation Core vs PDF Remediation Max

Remediation Capability PDF Remediation PDF Remediation Max
Insufficient contrast between foreground text and background
The item does not have an alternative description
The document is missing a title
The document’s heading structure goes beyond six levels
The document heading structure does not start at one
The document does not have any headings
The language set is not specified for this content
Table does not have a header
Check reading order
The document is scanned
The PDF is untagged

LMS Agnostic

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