Real-Time Whiteboards for Live Instruction

YuJa’s real-time whiteboard enables participants to draw and annotate within a live Video Conference session ideal for one-on-one office hours, small group collaborations, and large-scale video conferencing.

Manage Individual Video Breakout Rooms

Split your Video Conference meetings into separate Breakout room sessions. Choose how you can split the participants of the meeting into separate sessions automatically or manually at any time.

Scalable Virtual Classrooms

Our cloud-based architecture enables us to instantly scale from small group collaborations to large-scale lectures and webinars.

Visual Accessibility Gauge Right Next to the File 

Providing quality content for students and keeping up with ever-changing accessibility standards remains the primary concerns for instructors. YuJa Panorama makes it easy for Instructors to measure the accessibility of their course content with the Accessibility Gauge

Accessibility Gauge

Scan and Check Most Common File Formats

Panorama can ingest, inspect, and convert a variety of file formats including: PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, HTML files, image files (JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BPM, TIFF), OpenOffice/LibreOffice files, and Rich Text content (WYSIWYG/VTBE). In addition, by using the Panorama Media Plugin, users can upload, inspect, and correct the accessibility of most video and audio file formats.

YuJa Common File Formats

Automatic Inspection of Content for Accessibility

Users can upload most common file formats directly to their LMS course where an Accessibility Assessment is automatically performed by Panorama. The high-velocity engine of Panorama digs deep into the file data structure to understand the current state of the content’s accessibility.

Automatic Inspection

Institutional Reporting and Trends

Identify macro-trends related to accessibility across your organization. Understand the level of accessibility an instructor provides across all their content.

Org Level Reporting

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