Our Video Management Platforms Are Deployed By Leading Organizations

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Deploy an Enterprise-Grade Video Platform for Your Organization

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform is an all-in-one video experience to securely create, manage, discover, collaborate, and live stream video content across any device, at any time. The Platform also integrates into your existing enterprise systems including your LMS, SSO, CMS, company intranet, and website.

All-in-One Video Platform That’s Feature-Rich Yet Easy-to-Use


Host your video and digital media content securely

Drop-and-Drop Simplicity

Upload content effortlessly with one-click “drop” uploads

Enterprise Streaming

Deliver video globally across firewalls with adaptive bitrate streaming

Mobile and Tablet Ready

We provide both native and HTML5 support

Video Analytics

Track user engagement with detailed reporting capabilities

Brand Customization

Align the experience to match your organization’s brand


Built-in automatic captioning and one-click access 3rd-party captioning services

Video Quizzes

Create engaging and interactive video quizzes to measure and track retention

Multi-Stream Playback and Interactivity on Any Device

We offer interactive, multi-stream playback of both on-demand and live video with audience engagement features including video quizzing, note-taking, bookmarking, social sharing and comment, and full search-inside video capabilities.

Manage and Upload Your Content Effortlessly

Simply upload any media content and the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform will ensure optimal playback on any desktop, tablet, OTT device or smartphone. We support a wide-range of video and media formats including MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV, QT, MP3, M4V and hundreds more.

Whether you’re uploading one file or thousands of files a day, our cloud-hosted, globally available infrastructure can elastically scale to quickly transcode and process your media content.

Video CMS That Streams Efficiently Globally and Across Any Intranet

To learn more about our Content Management System for Video, call us at 1-888-257-2278 or email us.

Built-in auto-captioning with “search inside video”


Viewers can search for any words in the video and easily rewind and fast-forward.


Automatic tagging and metadata context creation increase user searchability.


Captioning make your videos more accessible to everyone in your org.


Written transcripts can be downloaded for offline reading and printing.

Host video right within your LMS

LMS Stripe

YuJa is fully Learning Tools Interoperability-compliant, making it easy to integrate YuJa into an existing learning management system (LMS). Video analytics allow you to track who is using your video content, which videos are the most-used, and even which parts of videos are most important.

To learn more about our Content Management System for Video, call us at 1-888-257-2278 or email us.

Simplified management workflows and tools

Arrange and Organize

Rearrange and upload videos using drag-and-drop technology or add videos from your hard drive to your video channel.


Recycle Content

Video content can easily be reused from one course to another. Take existing content and re-post it to different courses.


Add New Resources

Add external videos, like those from YouTube and Vimeo directly to your channel for easy access by viewers.


Create a Public Enterprise MediaTube

Secure and redundant cloud storage for media.


Cost-effective for enterprises to deploy and scale.



Secure, enabling stable, long-term storage of video materials.



Accessible from any Internet-connected device.


Keep Ownership of Your Enterprise’s Copyrighted Content

The YuJa Cloud offers safe, secure, and accessible video storage of all your enteprise’s media content. With our video content management system, you can collect, organize, and access your video data anywhere and anytime. Our management system incorporates your captures, video uploads, and media from other sources in one place.

1Create custom channels

Create custom channels in YuJa to allow access to only those who need to see your media.

2Defined user levels

Set defined user levels to allow access to some, but not all material.

3Track video usage

Use analytics to track video usage, including who is watching your video content.

4Set licensing parameters

Set licensing parameters, from maintaining full copyright to allowing Creative Commons licensing.

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