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Distance Learning

Distance Learning and Teaching Tools

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform offers collaborative online classroom tools aimed to create an engaging and interactive learning experience

Distance Learning and Teaching Tools Trusted By Leading Organizations

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Distance Learning and Teaching Tools

Complete Portfolio of Digital Media Tools

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Distance Learning Capabilities

Distance Learning Capabilities Beyond Lecture Capture

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform offers distance learning solutions beyond simply lecture capture. On top of recorded lectures, YuJa offers interactive video quizzes, content recording, flipped classroom tools and virtual office hours to promote an accessible and interactive learning experience.

Video Quizzes

Video Assignments

Flipped Classroom Tools

Virtual Office Hours

Distance Learning Capabilities
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Johnson County Community College

Because YuJa works well with LMS providers, there wasn’t a lot of setup required. The ease of use proved beneficial as instructors were being stretched more than ever to provide quality, accessible courses remotely.

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Distance Education Capabilities

Distance Education Capabilities for Teaching and Learning

Distance Education Capabilities

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Student Assignments

Publish Student Recorded Assignments

Enable your students to create recordings of presentations, video projects, and other work remotely. Students can access recording tools, share recordings with their class, or securely submit recordings on all major platforms including Apple, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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Student Assignments

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In-Video Quizzing

In-Video Quizzing to Supplement Distance Learning

YuJa offers interactive assessment capabilities within the video experience including inline quiz questions, integrated media, and interactive feedback. Enhance your video quizzes by combining them with instructive in-video prompts and time-based supplementation information.

In-Video Quizzing

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LMS Integration

Integrates Directly into all LMS Platforms and Third-Party Systems

YuJa’s Enterprise Video Platform integrates into your existing LMS and SSO systems to ensure a seamless video-inside-LMS experience. We also provide an extensive set of APIs and standardized integration templates to connect to your existing hardware and software infrastructure.

LMS Integration
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