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Share content securely with your audience publicly, privately, or behind enterprise restrictions such as a learning management system (LMS)

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Showcase Video

Showcase and Share Video with a Brand Aligned to Your Institution

Create customized and branded Video Players and Media Portals for both public-facing and internal audiences.

EnterpriseTube Enables Customized Media Portals
Brandable HTML5 Player
Platform Options & Customizations
Image logos & Mastheads
Hundreds of Customizations
Direct Link and Embed Codes

Links and Embed Codes

Direct-Access Links and Embed Codes are Automatically Generated

Pre-generated embed codes and direct links enable Content Owners to distribute videos to an external website, syndicate via social media, and sharing content with individuals outside of the organization.

Media Chooser Extension for LMS-Embedding


Media Chooser LMS Extension for Securing Sharing Content within an LMS

The LMS Media Chooser Extension enables LMS users to directly embed media within LMS pages, modules, announcements, discussions, assignments, etc. The Extension aligns with IMS Content Item Messaging to ensure LMS-embedded video content tracks viewing behavior and analytics.

Upload and Insert
Create Content
Embed Video Quizzes
Track Analytics

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Creation of Content, Sub-Channels, and Department-Level Video Playlists

Distribute Content

Share Content, Sub-Channels, and Department-Level Video Playlists

The EnterpriseTube provides capabilities to sub-divide and distribute media aligned to hierarchies that include departments, course, audience, and subject matter.

An Enterprise Video Solution to Enhance Training and Learning
An Enterprise Video Solution to Enhance Training and Learning

An Enterprise Video Solution to Enhance Training and Learning

In efforts to improve student learning outcome across the Colorado Community College System (CCCS), Jennifer Ferguson and her team sought to procure an enterprise video product that provides solutions for a variety of use cases – such as a Video Content Management System (CMS) to oversee video training channels for faculty and staff.

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