Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform provides HTTPS Live Streaming (HLS) for capture and live streaming. This enables high-quality live and recorded playback for a rich end-viewer experience.

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A Modern Media Streaming Platform

  • Delivery of video content in an adaptive, chunked format.
  • An HTTP delivery facilitates support across a broad range of platforms and devices.
  • HLS technology make it easier to deploy live streaming infrastructure without firewall changes.
  • Is compatible with your organization’s existing caching infrastructure.
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming helps scale video without adversely impacting networks.

Intelligence Device and Speed Detection

Whether viewers are watching on their iPhone, Android tablet or home PC, they’re always getting an experience that fits their device the best. The video playback adjusts to match the device and available Internet connection speed.

Intelligent video content delivery and playback

Our SaaS-based Platform provides efficient global delivery of not only video and audio assets but the full spectrum of digital assets such as images, documents, binary files, and more.

Capabilities of Our Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Bitrate Generation

Our Cloud automatically generate a variety of bitrate flavors for smooth multi-device playback.

Automatic Encoding

Automated HLS encoding of all video content that’s ingested by the Platform.

Dynamic Adjustments

Network-sensing technology that adjusts the playback resolution dynamically.

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Support for RTMP encoders for live streaming

Our SaaS-based platform provides RTMP-based integration with your existing live streaming tri-casters, hardware encoders and software-based live streaming applications.

Live Streaming.

Video Streaming Built for the Constraints of the Real World

Adaptive bitrate streaming is a seamless, process with the YuJa Enterprise Video Let’s look at how adaptive bitrate streaming works in real-world scenarios.

Brilliant HD Playback

A user viewing content on a computer with a fast internet connection will watch video at 1080p, or the highest resolution setting. HD video quality is ideal for larger screens and faster connections.

Mobile and Tablet Viewing

The user watching videos using a data connection or a slow internet connection on a smartphone will automatically see a lower-resolution video. This can limit data use, and reduce slowdowns for the viewer.

Variable Network Speeds

If the internet connection speed changes during viewing, the bitrate changes with it. This process occurs instantaneously, limiting any wasted time or irritation over load times. Shared Wi-Fi connections are frequently prone to changing speeds, so this helps create a smooth viewing experience.

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