Video Editing Tools

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform incorporates a comprehensive suite of video and caption editing tools.

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Easy-to-use video editor right within your web browser

Perform multi-stream, non-destructive editing right within the browser with no additional software to download.

Simple workflows for trim-start, trim-end, section-cut, video insertion, slide over-write, as well as text or image overlay

Easy metadata editing including inline caption editing, table of contents editor, and more.


1View each capture stream as time sequenced thumbnails.

2“Scrubber” pane to trim sections of the media streams.

3Simple video editing tools.

Powerful Yet Simple Editing

HTML5 Player


Preserve your original video with version-able, non-destructive video editing

Support any device

Cut and Trimming

Intuitive trim-start, trim-end and multi-cut editing capabilities

Bookmarks and notes

Slide Over-Write

Correct mistakes in slides by simply uploading the corrected slide

Adaptive bitrate

Inline Caption Editing

Refine captions with an inline caption editor and synchronized sidebar editor

Adaptive bitrate

Video Stream Insertion

Insert a video within an existing video stream object

HTML5 Player

Watermark Insertion

Overlay a digital watermark or image onto an existing video object.

Support any device

Variable Speed Playback

Adjust the editing playback speed to quickly view or perform a fine-tuned edit

Bookmarks and notes

List of Edits with Undo

View a full list of performed edits with the ability to rollback pending edits

Adaptive bitrate

Stream Downloading

Ability to download raw media objects for use with external editing tools

Adaptive bitrate

Text and Link Insertion

Overlay textual information including links to external webpages

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Part of a Comprehensive Video Platform

Full integration

Full integration

The Platform integrates into existing enterprise systems.

Centralize metadata

Centralize metadata

Centralize metadata to provide accurate file information every time.

Store, backup, transcode and auto-caption

Host and transcode

Store, backup, transcode and auto-caption your videos in a single process.

Adaptive bitrate technology

Adaptive bitrate technology

Distribute fast-loading videos on desktop and mobile.

Secure your videos

Secure your videos

Ensure only authorized individuals can access your video content.

Build tables of contents

Build tables of contents

Searchable tables of contents and auto-captions for users to review.

Android and iOS

Android and iOS

Access media from desktops, laptops, as well as both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Learning analytics

Visual analytics

Track analytics on video use, “hot spots”, and organization-wide usage.

Manage the full video lifecycle

Video Capture

Use YuJa to record content with software, hardware, web and mobile-based video and source capture tools.

Video Editing

Use the web-based, non-destructive video and caption editing tools to enhance your video content.

Video Hosting

Store video content on the YuJa Cloud, integrate external video and link online media.

Video Distribution

Provide seamless and secure DRM-aligned distribution of media content.

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