Automatic Captioning

Make video accessible to everyone with integrated auto-captioning, transcription, and integration with external captioning services.

Automatic Captioning

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Automatic Captioning Solutions Trusted By Leading Organizations

Automatic Captioning Solutions Trusted By Leading Organizations
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Accessible Content Enables Every Learning to Succeed

Enable Searchable and Accessible Videos

YuJa Pro Captioning offers both Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and external human captioning services. The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform provides near 100% accurate captions, translations, and transcripts for your students and faculty to maximize content engagement and accessibility.

Weber State University
Weber State University

Weber State University

As a public university in Ogden, Utah, Weber State University’s procurement of the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform aims to support faculty and students in creating, streaming, and collaborating with video within the Canvas Learning Management System. Following a competitive RFP process, Weber State University selected YuJa to provide tools for “creating and sharing video-based assignments and interviews with video time-stamped commenting and full Canvas integration.” 

Benefits of Auto-Captioning

YuJa’s captioning is integrated into all lecture capture technologies, including hardware capture, software capture and in-browser capture solutions. Captions appear within all media players including web, mobile, and tablet applications.


Provide viewers with the ability to search for keywords inside video.


Improve knowledge retention and comprehension on an individualized basis.


Assist hearing impaired and deaf users in reviewing video content.


Enable all viewers to receive additional support when reviewing video presentations.

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 Best-of-Breed Automatic Captioning

Best-of-Breed Automatic Captioning

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform integrates automatic voice-to-text captioning and transcription across all media. Our auto-captioning quality is about an 85-95% accuracy – and improving by the day – through powerful Artificial Intelligence-based Video Cognition software.

85–95% Accuracy
Multi-Language Support
Transcript Generation
Audio Descriptions

Automatic Multilingual Captioning

The Video Platform also integrates with third-party services that provide captioning and transcription in a variety of languages including English, Spanish, French, German, French, Mandarin, Arabic, and dozens more.

Artificial Intelligence Enables Word Cloud Generation, Transcripts, and Meta Tags

Artificial Intelligence Enables Word Cloud Generation, Transcripts, and Meta Tags

As an industry leader in video cognition, YuJa utilizes artificial intelligence and customized algorithms to automatically generate transcripts, word clouds, and meta tags.

Word Clouds

Enable Full Search-Inside-Video

Instantly search videos by captions, indexes, slide text and more.

Enhance Accessibility

All video uploaded to the Platform are automatically captioned and transcribed.

Improve Comprehension

Viewers can search any topic spoken within the video.

Generated Automatically

The auto-captioning process is automatic and available in minutes.

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