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Video enables personalized and engaging learning opportunities for students

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Inspire and Engage Every Student with Video

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform enables schools to expand the traditional classroom learning model into new learning pedagogies including flipped learning, online and blended models. The YuJa Platform offers a one-stop-shop for all your school district’s video needs including classroom capture, teacher observation recording, flipped classroom, live streaming, video assignments, media management, LMS integration, video conferencing and more.

Trusted by Leading K12 Schools and State Programs

Lumen Scholar
State of North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
Hawken School

Here Are Ways Our Customers Use the Platform

Classroom Recordings for Re-Review
Flipped Classroom Content Creation
Live Streaming Morning Announcements
Teacher Observation Recordings
Student Video Assignments
District-Wide and School Video Portals
Live Streaming Board Meetings and District Events
Online Course Video Creation

Centralized Video Platform and Media Repository for All Your School’s Media

Manage and organize all your school’s video and media assets within a secure, cloud-hosted video repository. The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform offers convenient and powerful capabilities including drag-and-drop organization, deep search-inside-video features, the ability to auto-create course-linked Media Channels, video editing and content management capabilities, and more.

To learn more about our Enterprise Video Platform for K12, call us at 1-888-257-2278 or email an Account Manager

Flipped Classroom Learning Made Easy for Your Teachers

The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform offers video capture and screen-recording tools to create interactive video presentations and media. YuJa offers a variety of capture tools including desktop software-based video and screen capture, in-browser capture studio, as well as mobile capture on iOS and Android applications.

Create Interactive Video Assignments and Quizzes for Students

Video quizzes offer teachers the ability to obtain individualized student feedback using engaging and interactive video modules. With video quizzes, online assessments become more engaging and effective classroom tools.

Gain Students Insights with Color-Highlighted Analytic Reporting

Gain insight into student interaction and learning behaviors through visual analytics and reporting which includes completion rates, drop-off statistics, areas of confusions, and more. Analytics can also be used for increasing accountability and audit reporting for professional development and staff training.

Create Social Learning Experiences with Around Video

Your students are familiar with social media which makes it easy to create collaborative learning experiences around video. The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform offers a unique social learning and real-time discussions suite to foster interactive discussions and idea sharing around media content.

To learn more about our Enterprise Video Platform for K12, call us at 1-888-257-2278 or email an Account Manager